Pain management

Pain Relief Management – What Are The Options?

Pain is a sensory and often emotional experience as a result of damage to a part or parts of the body. At the moment while pain can be measured, it can only be experienced by the person to whom it affects. Medicine now has a special department that deals with pain relief called pain management and its importance within health care continues to grow as more long-term health issues arise over the years that leave the patient in often continual distress.

Medication can provide some pain relief provided it is prescribed by medical staff, but there is an increasing number of occasions where normal methods do not work or are of little use. With acute pain for example which is usually the result of some trauma is relatively easy to control once the cause has been dealt with.

Diagnosing and treating chronic pain becomes more problematical as the underlying cause may not be apparent as with cases in which there is nerve damage, pain in a site that is unrelated to the injury location or with many types of cancer.


Pain management under such circumstances relies on the pain relief treatment to be based on dealing with the pain as a completely separate entity to the condition that may be causing it. Owing to the nature of pain relief, it has been necessary to bring together professionals from different medical areas to work together for a broader approach.

This method of pain relief also includes psychological techniques for biofeedback, cognitive therapy and the use of yoga and meditation for example. Some pain that is suffered by patients is the result of trauma that has been treated although the pain remains which is an extremely frustrating situation for the person and one where the condition is treated independently from the original cause.

Pain management practitioners are generally experts from various fields within medicine for example psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists. Some these come from areas where the use of drugs is used to help provide pain relief. This pain management team uses the special skills of professionals who will try interventional techniques to control pain.

Pain relief methods using pain management teams is a growing area of medicine and closely watched around the world. Pain management is found to be the central focus in the treatment of diseases, like cancer, tumors, serious accidents, and long-term illnesses. The responsibility for long-term pain relief is also being given to the patients who will need training in how to manage their pain in the future.

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